The joint project:

First Rating TRIZ Corporation (FRT corporation) &

COMCON*TRIZ International (Narbut TRIZ School),

Science and Practical Center TRIZ of Academy of Science of Ukraine,

National Strategic Service (Ukraine)

TRIZ in Ukraine

Long time Ukraine is the important polygon for TRIZ application.

Today our country is the High-Tech State.

Our technical solutions work in the space rockets Zenit (include Sea Launch Project), Cyclone, Antares etc.

Airplane An-225 Mriya (Cossack), aircraft carriers (include Varyag - Liaoning), nuclear reactor with depleted uranium (traveling-wave reactor) - it's "Made in Ukraine" too.

Also we have real World Level results for the Precision engineering, Electronics, Chemical technology etc.

2016 - TRIZ anniversary (70 years).
October, 15 - the anniversary of G.S. Altshuller (90 years).

The best gift ad hoc (for this occasion) - a good old task.

There are three tanks: one large (100 liters) and two small (50 liters).
The large tank contains a gas (oxygen) with a pressure of 200 atm.
Small tanks is empty.
If the compressor is used - you can move all of the gas from a large tank into two smaller ones.
If you do not use compressor - half the gas will remain in a large tank (and the gas pressure is reduced).
We need to move all gas from a large tank into the two small - without compressor


Picture - from the first TRIZ book of the G.S. Altshuller "Как изобретать" ("How to invent"), 1961.
By the way, the record of solution process (using ARIZ-85V) for this task - it is possible to guarantee the 3rd level of TRIZ.

  • Contacts:

  • Alexander Th.Narbut,
    of the FRT corporation