The joint project

First Rating TRIZ Corporation (FRT corporation) &

COMCON*TRIZ International (Narbut TRIZ School)

2016 - TRIZ anniversary (70 years).
October, 15 - the anniversary of G.S. Altshuller (90 years).

The best gift ad hoc (for this occasion) - a good old task.

There are three tanks: one large (100 liters) and two small (50 liters).
The large tank contains a gas (oxygen) with a pressure of 200 atm.
Small tanks is empty.
If the compressor is used - you can move all of the gas from a large tank into two smaller ones.
If you do not use compressor - half the gas will remain in a large tank (and the gas pressure is reduced).
We need to move all gas from a large tank into the two small - without compressor


Picture - from the first TRIZ book of the G.S. Altshuller "Как изобретать" ("How to invent"), 1961.
By the way, the record of solution process (using ARIZ-85V) for this task - it is possible to guarantee the 3rd level of TRIZ.

  • Contacts:

  • Alexander Th.Narbut,
    of the FRT corporation